provides senior level marketing support, paid for only when and where you need it.

  • For businesses without a marketing department
  • For managers with responsibility for marketing but limited experience
  • For businesses entering new markets
  • For businesses developing new strategies
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  •  "We're ready to go into a new market. But we don't have the strategy, plans or knowledge that would ensure our success."

      We can help you to identify the markets that would be right for your product or service by reviewing where you are now and what your strengths are. We can also help you assess new opportunities by examining competitors and tailoring your strengths to the market you want to enter. You'll be able to choose the opportunity with the best fit and get on with it!

      Example- A small healthcare company asked to explore the market for a new launch. We advised them on the key drivers in the market and devised the optimum blend of marketing support including both consumer and healthcare professionals.
  •  "I have a new idea for the fact I have a few. What I don't have is time to do the research."

      We'll look at any current research you have, analyse industry reports and the competition and recommend whether you should proceed or need to consider other options. If you're ready to enter the market, we can recommend the best routes and come up with an advertising plan that will deliver results.

      Example- has been involved with product launches at every level and conducted a strategic review for a dental company which resulted in divestment of brands, acquisition of another and internal new product development with 3 new product launches.
  •   "My business is successful, but now I really need to take it to the next level. When you know your business like I do, trying to look at it objectively is hard."

      You're obviously doing something right. With your guidance, we can review your current business plan, explore what works and determine the best options for further growth. Once you're decided on a course of action, we'll assist with plan development and implementation.

      Example- organised a strategy workshop for a newly merged healthcare firm and drew up their priorities. From there it was a simple task to help them write their marketing plan which was now focused and importantly agreed with all the key senior directors.
  •  "My job is great and I've been given loads of new responsibilities. In fact, marketing is suddenly very important. I need some guidance and plans that are sure to work."

      Specialist knowledge is what makes so many of our customers successful. We look forward to getting to know you and collecting the information and ideas that will help us put together a plan for development or expansion. You decide which of our services will help and how long you'll need them for. can provide expert marketing help and input as and when you need it, either for a one off review or as a regular sounding board.

      Example- John has led the sales team of his organisation for several years. As the business grew he found himself taking on more and more tasks that were marketing oriented. gave him training in marketing principles so he could confidently brief agencies and his marketing and sales team
  •  "I don't feel like my marketing budget is working hard enough."

      By defining the best mix of marketing tools for your business, we can help you to prioritise your spend. We can also assess your budget and recommend a tailored activity programme that will achieve your goals.

      Example- worked with a leading healthcare company managing a portfolio of 5 large brands. We recommended prioritising the spend behind only two brands and utilised more cost effective ways of reaching consumers for the other three.


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